1. Joker's Aid
  2. Hop-Hop
  3. Any Changes, My Friend ?
  4. Love Turns to Hate
  5. 1-2-3-War
  6. Calling Alien
  7. Hey You ! We All Fall Down !
  8. The Jungle Power
  9. Swing the Clown
  10. Voice of the Chosen
  11. Cabaret of Life
  12. Calling for Gods
  13. Switch Off the Sun
  14. Steel Love
  15. She Died ...
  16. Arthenice (One Tear of a Clown)

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The Last Days Of Jesus: The Last Circus (CD)

The Last Days Of Jesus: The Last Circus (CD)

Tsa tsa boom! ...here comes the band's most diverse album up to date, full of sad hits and crazy chansons. 

Open your mind because you're about to be listening to Slovak gothic rock legend with very special guests like the great jazz singer Hanka G., trumpetist Matej Korbelič, double bass player Fabko (The Rockefellas) and French multi-instrumentalist Hellebore. 16 songs were composed and produced during 8 years and 8 months. 

Caution: this album contains dangerously contagious laughter of the Joker !